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Regal 1 GHz Standard Multi-taps RMT2002-RF-4 - NEW!

  • Brand: Regal
  • Condition: New
  • SKU: LS0942
  • Manufacturer Part Number: RMT2002-RF-4
  • Shelf Code: 3-1B

Regal 1 GHz RMT2000

Pat 119868



Narrow Body 1GHz RF Only Multi-Taps with low loss performance. Migration strategy allows the operator to upgrade network power capacity without the expense of power passing taps. Existing Regal taps can be upgraded simply by switching the faceplate. Factory installed Continuous Power Bus (CPB) for uninterrupted power and RF service when the faceplate is removed. 12 amp current capacity and improved RF performance. 1 Kv blocking capacitor protects the F-port from power surges. Superior EMI isolation characteristics and corrosion protection.

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Regal 1 GHz Standard Multi-taps RMT2002-RF-4 - NEW!