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Waltco Hydraulic Cylinder LPF MPF 22580050

  • MSRP: $1328.40
  • You Save: $428.41 (32%)
  • Brand: Waltco
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Like New
  • Notes: A few blemishes but nothing that will impact performance
  • SKU: LS499965291
  • Model: 22580050
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 22580050
  • Type: Liftgate
  • Shelf Code: 21-4
  • Made in : USA
The Hydraulic Cylinders for the LPF and MPF liftgates have been improved for quality and ease of maintenance. The most significant change to the cylinders was made to the cylinder rod. The rod is now made of hardened chrome that resists any knicks or dents that may be caused by road debris. This also allows for the removal of the cylinder covers without exposing the cylinder rod to damage while in transit. The additional change to the cylinder is the port threading. Moving forward with SAE o-ring straight thread ports, over NPT tapered thread, greatly improves maintenance ease and decreases the risk of leaks between connections.
Waltco Hydraulic Cylinder LPF MPF 22580050